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GrowNashville was created and organized by James Fend (more about him here) to fill a need that was lacking in Nashville. Although Nashville is by far no silicon valley, Nashville still has a good number of [startup guys, tech founders, entrepreneurs, hackers, web designers, web developers, internet marketers, etc.] scattered throughout the city and middle Tennessee area with startups, viable ideas, or dreams; and there was not a hub/club/circle/meetup that brought us “rare breeds” together on a monthly basis to socialize, get together, learn, teach, and motivate each other.  Web work and tech startups are very isolating work [especially bootstrapped, solo founders] and picking our fathers/mothers/friend’s mind for non-technical advice can only get us so far.

GrowNashville will stay forever free, and open for anybody to come out. This was strictly created to help serve our local tech community here in Nashville.

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  1. Andrea Jacobs says:

    Hi James and GrowNashville,

    I moved to Nashville three weeks ago from Chicago. Looking to connect to innovative, movers and shakers around town.

    Would love to get involved with GrowNashville. My email is amj228@gmail.com.

    Looking forward to being in touch,

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